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We are the

World's Leading

Multi-touch Platform

for Women in Tech



Ascend Global Media is the world’s first, multi-touch platform, specifically engineered for women working in the technology sector. We have designed a global 360 experience, which includes both the digital and the physical, that provides a complete offering of insight, inspiration and networking, curated to support you in super-charging your career in the technology sector.

We craft events both in cyberspace and in the real world, we build communities across countries and industries, we create content, we host webinars, we provide master classes and skills workshops, we create parties and networking events, we put the most inspirational speakers in the world in front of you and connect you with other women from the global tech ecosystem.


Unlike many media companies, who recently have begun creating D&I events and/or content, but have no real affiliation with, or passion for progressive change, Ascend Global Media was founded with one clear mission, to facilitate equality and progress for our global community of amazing women. Diversity is woven into the fabric of our company and shines through in everything we do and create.


From Chile to Chicago, from London to Lagos, from San Francisco to Seville, from Cape Town to Kuala Lumpur, Ascend is truly a global movement. Get in touch today to maximise your career in tech and join the push for progress.


We are the proud creators of the Women in Tech World Series, hosting physical events in London, Washington DC, Amsterdam and Houston.


We create world-renowned engaging, energising and inspiring events, which attract individuals and organisations from across the globe.


We unite the best speakers, thought-leaders and experts, alongside unrivalled networking opportunities to deliver an experience like no other - The power and energy of bringing together such an incredible group of people to drive change and progress is immense.


We hope you’ll join us - please get in contact to find out more about the available opportunities to get involved.



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We work successfully with clients from all industries and spheres of business:

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